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Thread: Disaster Evacuation Difficulty

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    Disaster Evacuation Difficulty


    I'm in South Florida. I just had to flee Irma, the category V hurricane. Well, it was category V when we were ordered to evacuate. It was just a category IV when it made landfall on the continental United States. So, the thing is, when evacuating I loaded my computer along with a very expensive modem setup into the rental van, along with my dog and some clothing...important papers and the like.

    Well, fortunately my neighborhood was still standing when I returned home four days later. The electricity was even back up. SO...I setup my computer again, along with my very expensive modem arrangement, though not FIRST, eventually I checked in on my Anno Online settlement. Lo and behold! The stand alone game browser claimed it had never accessed the game from "this computer" before! It then refused to do so!

    I uninstalled that installation of the browser, deleted the files (including roaming and local), downloaded another installation from your site, installed IT and guess what! It won't work either. I get no error message. It just doesn't load the game. Now, I'm running as top of the line a set up as is possible on $3500 worth of expenditure using a top-end, fiber optic gaming internet connection. (Yes. It screams.) So any notion the problem is on my end is, well...wishful thinking on someone's part.

    Now. I am continuing to play using Firefox. I'm bored with trying to get the standalone browser to work. I just wanted to say, this is a pretty stout penalty to pay for having to evacuate for a disaster, especially when the evacuation is not by choice (ordered by the state government.) I just wanted to mention it might be the responsibility, or even duty, of game developers to ensure such a situation won't penalize people when they attempt to return their lives to some sort of normalcy.

    Who knows, YOU may be the next who has to evacuate and YOU may be relying on OTHERS to ensure the same thing for YOU.



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    Thank you for your reports about the problems with the standalone client. We gather information about such issues and analyze them. We will try to provide solutions in the future.

    If you cannot use the login method you used so far, please use alternatives, just as you described it.

    We are sorry to hear about your real life problems related to the Irma crisis. Our entire team wishes you all the best in this difficult time. Since we are only a game support, we cannot do anything more but our thoughts are with you.

    We wish you all the best.


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