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Thread: [Forum event] Make this Easter beautiful

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    [Forum event] Make this Easter beautiful

    Fuzzy rabbits hopping to and fro,
    hiding all their Easter Eggs everywhere they go.
    The grass has gotten greener, the flowers start to bloom,
    Springtime is here again, and it's time for Easter too.
    With new adventures, eggs to hunt and activities to do,
    we hope that you'll enjoy this event that we have planned for you.


    Choose one of the three tasks below to participate:
    • Paint some eggs and present it in the forum!
    • Create some beautiful Easter decoration for your home and present it in the forum!
    • Tell us a typical Easter story or poem!

    Just answer in this thread to post your entry.

    • Start: Wednesday, 12th of April, 5:30 PST
    • End: Friday, 21st of April, 5:30 PST

    • Participants under the age of 18 need a statement from a parent or legal guardian to be allowed to participate.
    • Employees of Ubisoft, BlueByte or the worldwide Community Team of Anno Online are not allowed to participate in the events.
    • The winners will be selected and awarded once the entries are reviewed by our Community Team.
    • All entries must meet the requirements of the code of conduct and forum rules.
    • Only one entry per players is allowed (in each thread).
    • Postings will only be allowed until 21th of April, until 5:30 PST. Postings after that time do not count and cannot win.

    2x Mystery Eggs
    Type: Mystery Chest
    Effect: The player receives a random prize:
    • Easter Lamb 20x
    • Easter Feast 7x
    • Green Hedge T Piece 2x
    • Blue Hedge T Piece 2x
    • Yellow Hedge T Piece 2x
    • White Hedge T Piece 2x
    • Fir Tree 4x
    • Bell Tower
    • Enhanced Wheat Farm
    • Red Tulips 4x
    • Yellow Tulips 4x
    • Dyers' Market
    • Salt Pit
    • Spice Mill
    • Gold Prospector

    1x Spice Mill

    Size: 3x3
    Type: Goods Producer
    Effect: Produces spice out of herbs
    Upkeep: 0

    If you have a question or feedback, just leave it >>> here <<<.

    Happy Easter!

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    There is a green hill far away,
    beyond the city wall,
    where the dear Lord was crucified,
    who died to save us all.

    We may not know, we can not tell,
    what pains he had to bear;
    we believe it was for us
    He hung and suffered there.

    He died that we might be forgiven;
    He died to make us good,
    that we might go to heaven,
    saved by His precious blood.

    There was no other good enough
    to pay the price of sin,
    He only could unlock the gate,
    of heaven and let us in.

    O dearly, dearly, He has loved,
    we must love Him too,
    trust in His redeeming blood,
    and try His works to do.

    Cecil Frances Alexander 1818-1895

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    Spring is in the air!
    The rain is gently falling,
    the grass is turning green.
    The gentle breeze carries the smell of new flowers.
    The sunlight gets warmer every day.
    Spring is in the air!

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    To Lily and Jinse,

    Five Brown Eggs
    Five brown eggs in a nest of hay,
    One yellow chick popped out to play.
    Four brown eggs in a nest of hay,
    Another yellow chick cheep-cheeped Good day.
    Three brown eggs in a nest of hay,
    Crack went another one, Hip hooray.
    Two brown eggs in a nest of hay,
    One more chick pecked his shell away.
    One brown egg in a nest of hay,
    The last yellow chick popped out to say,
    Happy Easter Day


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    There was once a little Easter bunny He says to is wonderful wife
    Today it is big egg day so I will find a lot and bring them home with me The Little Easter bunny
    went out into the beautiful bright sunshiny day and he searched high and low
    but there was no egg to be to found and the little Easter bunny became tired.
    So, he stopped for just a minute and laid in the grass and the sun was shining and warming him up.
    He promptly fell asleep and when he woke up it was dark and he hurried home. When he got home to his wife without any eggs
    and was standing in the door opening, she smiled at him and asked, how many did you bring home?
    He said he could not find any, she looked at him with the look only she can give and then she gave him a big smile.
    It is ok my love, I think the Big Easter Bunny has taken them, all you know how he is.
    The little Easter bunny was stamping his paw on the floor and replied, I know!
    I better go over there to see if he will give me any and he took 3 hops out the door
    and then he heard his wife call him back. He looked at her and she said, the Big Easter Bunny
    was here and he told me that he saw you sleep in the forest. The little Easter bunny said, I only had a nap, not even a minute.
    His wife smiled and said, sure my love, now come and sit next to me at the fireplace so we can enjoy the eggs The Big Easter Bunny left.

    The End

    Happy Easter, Passover
    Be Safe


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    Easter morning dawn
    ships plying in the harbor
    redeemed by the Lord

    Easter Haiku

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    How we spent our Easter Sundays back home in the Philippines-
    We'd go to Sunday school and we would get a colored egg, we are reminded that Christ was risen on Easter Sunday after being crucified for our sins.

    What we did learn later on as we grew older was that Jesus Christ's resurrection was God the Father's acceptance of Jesus' sacrifice for mankind just as God would accept man's lamb sacrifice


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    I had an Easter bunny,
    One day she ran away.
    I looked for her by moonlight,
    I looked for her by day.
    I found her in the meadow
    With her babies 1, 2, 3.
    So now I have four rabbit pets
    To run and jump with me.

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    An Easter Blessing:

    Bless this day the joy of life,
    The revelation of the flesh,
    The paradise of man and wife
    Joined to share the gift of bliss.

    Bless this day the pain of life,
    The passion that redeems the flesh,
    The love between a man and wife
    Beyond all agony and bliss.

    Bless this day the end of life,
    The peace within the dying flesh,
    The bond between a man and wife
    That long outlasts their bit of bliss.

    Bless this day the whole of life,
    The grace of being more than flesh,
    The voyage of a man and wife
    Across the mystery of bliss.

    copyright by Nicholas Gordon.
    Submitted by Cedric of Wales

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    Colored eggs ...

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